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Total Operational Planning Services Support System In This Release

Receive jobs into the shop. When a part is received into the shop, the Operator will receive the part and assign it to a job number within TOPS3. If no job has been created, a temporary job will be assigned. The temporary job will reference the customer name, component and segment.

Plan a job - The Planner generates planning for the shop floor. This will include modifying a plan (add / delete steps), and attaching Inspection Forms and Method Sheets when required. Manage parts - The planner manages the parts as they process through the shop. This can include reassigning parts to other steps or sub plans, scrapping parts, placing parts on hold, or releasing parts which have been previously placed on hold.

Process jobs on the shop floor. Once a job has been received and planning created / approved, the job will be available for processing. The operator will process the parts according to the planning which has been assigned.

The planner will have the capability to create Data Collection Forms from within TOPS3

Allows the planner to select from a list of available reports within TOPS3. These standard reports can be tailored to look at a specific job at a single site or multiple jobs across multiple sites.

  • Professional look and feel, better organization & more User-friendly navigation menuing system.
  • Utilizes latest Microsoft Technology yet fully compatible with older version of browsers.
  • Robust and reusable code, which means less coding, easier to implement and maintain for internationalization, customization and future updates.
  • Reduces image uses, which means smaller bandwidth, faster client-side downloading, faster responding between server and client browsers.
  • Scrollable page division (the scroll bar will show up if needed) and avoids ugly table stretching & better usage of screen real estate. (It does not use any kind of frameset, which is against the GEPS User Interface Standards).
  • Workflow controls and Stable Application footer on page.
TOPS3 Provides
  • Electronic shop floor planning
  • Digitized Data Collection Forms for long term storage and sharing
  • Digital photos
  • Global sharing of data
  • Leveraging of best practices
  • Customer report capability
  • Standardized repair processes
  • Real-time data
  • Enabling paperless shop floor
  • ePDM - Life cycle parts tracking
  • 1st level data analysis
  • Compas / JD Edwards integration