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About Us

The Solutions Delivery Human Factors Analysis & UI Architecture Team
Who We Are and Why UI Standards Implementation is Mission Critical to GEPS Applications

We are the User Interface Architects within the Energy Services IM Solutions Delivery Architecture and Design Group [managed by Lead Architects Terry Larrea, Rishi Gulati, and Karl Meyer.] We have been working with many multiple teams within GEPS to review, revise, and redefine the GEPS UI Standards for Intranet, Extranet, & Portal Design. We have collaborated with Energy Products UI Design team to produce a UI Spec Template for PMM 4.0 which is common across all GEPS Software Development Process Methodology.

The process of updating the GEPS UI Standards has been a careful, methodical, and conservative effort. We have reviewed all of the pre-existing UI standards, and carefully evaluated them from the perspective of Best Practices, Scalability, and Re-Usability. We moved forward discarding nothing except the most outdated practices. In most cases we kept the intent of the old standards; but we upgraded them to improve Human Factors (usability), to achieve universally consistent Navigation Methods (across GEPS web-enabled applications), and to eliminate outdated coding techniques in compliance with the w3c standards (implementing CSS driven dynamic html and table rendering, utilizing html object libraries w/xml and javascripts, while eliminating deprecated tags and hard coding of fonts and colors. Frames was also defined as an undesireable and outdated technology) [Frames are allowed in some rare exceptional cases; in which case in-line frames and dhtml are preferred over the old school frames interface].

The result has been a concentrated and effective effort to establish consistent standards of User Interface Design across hundreds of Power Systems applications. It is a constant and uphill battle. There are over 400 live GEPS web-enabled applications. Each time one of these apps goes through another development lifecycle (re-design or maintenance release), adherence to the GEPS UI Standards is now a critical path to successful deployment. The UI Models (electronic prototypes of applications currently in development) you find on this website are living examples of these improved standards being put into practice. We have a 15 criteria checklist which is part of the larger 120 bullet point "Architecture Scorecard" which is used to evaluate UI during technical reviews at iterative intervals during the product lifecycle. We are in the trenches designing User-Friendly and Business CTQ driven Human-Computer Interfaces. We are also available to perform UI reviews on your applications, make recommendation for improvement, and provide html model examples where necessary.

We are billable as shared resources available to concurrent multiple projects under the Program Management of Farid Guediri, Solutions Delivery Resource Management Expert. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding the standards in general or any problematic implementation issues in specific. We are here for you in a continuing effort to produce a higher standard for GEPS software products. You are our customers, and you are the "Users" in the equation that drives user friendly interface design.