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GE Power Systems Dynamic JavaScript API

Last Mod: 04/18/2002 6:20 PM
Authors:  Kristofer Hutchinson
   John Horback
   Joshua Zhong


download GEPSDynJSAPI v1.0
download GEPSDynJSAPI v2.0

The GE Power Systems Dynamic JavaScrpt API is an object oriented library of JavaScript files that may be dynamically loaded through the dynapi.js. To use the library, you must first link to the dynapi.js, set a path for the location of the library, then include any of the packages/scripts you need to use. Example:
    <script language="JavaScript" src="../js/dynapi.js"></script>
    <script language="JavaScript">
The library dynamically loads the scripts as they are called so load time is minimal compared to the resources that are available.   GEPS custom javascript objects

Util v1.0 --- dynapi.library.include("dynapi.geps.util")  

dynapi.geps.util The util object can be referenced by name "util" or by creating a new one:

myUtil = new Util();
myUtil.goToUrl("#", "_self");

util.goToUrl (url, target);
util.stretchMainContent(mainContentId, subtractModifier);
util.tableRowHilite (tableId, hiliteStyle)
util.staticTableHeader (containerId, tableRowId)

Whats Next

Future additions to this API will include:

Menu Set
Popup Layer
Slide Layer
Popup Window
Preload Images
Swap Image